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LockAid - Grey



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In the Netherlands LockAid has already found numerous customers, the patented tool is now also available to the UK Market. It’s clear the tool not only helps blind and visually impaired to open and close doors, but elderly people have also appreciated the everyday help the Lockaid provides.

How does the LockAid help

The Lockaid provides the ultimate solution for guiding your key into its lock. With its curved face, and easy gripping handle, it ensures you’ll never miss the lock again, and are able to turn your key with ease. The solution sits on-top of your existing lock, and is supplied with self-adhesive pads, meaning your install is fuss free, quick and easy. Improving access for seniors, movement limited, children and those with disabilities.

How does the LockAid work

LockAid consists of two parts: a plastic ring which is coated with adhesive film and pressed around the door lock, as well as a rotary ring, which is placed on this device. This makes the key more secure in the lock and the user does not have to turn it in the cylinder which is often difficult due to wear and tear. The turning of the key is eliminated, instead, the easy-moving handle is moved with only one hand to open or close the door. 

The lockAid provides helps to many

The comfortable single-handed operation offers numerous benefits: for example, you do not have to leave the walking aid, stick or even shopping bags when you use the apartment door. For elderly people who have lost their eyesight and who are additionally using a walking aid, the opening and closing of a door - especially in the dark - can
become a considerable safety risk. 

In addition, LockAid particularly relieves people who are restricted by neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, MS, tremor or musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatism) due to missing or reduced fine motor skills (eg after a stroke). The LockAid can make an important contribution to the fact that people can move independently without their own help.